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What does the hospital of the future look like? The answer to that question is given by the new hospital in Cannes – the first of its kind in the whole of Southern Europe to be designed and equipped completely on the basis of optical fibers and IP. euromicron played a part in this showcase project. One of the key technologies – the installation switches – was developed and supplied by its subsidiary MICROSENS.

60,000 square meters and 882 beds – those are the impressive figures for the hospital center Pierre-Nouveau-Les-Brousailles in Cannes. At least just as impressive is the state-of-theart technical equipment: End-to-end optical cabling and use of IP for transferring data enable a wide range of cutting-edge applications – from use for medical purposes, to  administration and building services to patient entertainment. Yet even though leading-edge optical cabling is available – many terminal devices and medical facilities which are vital to a hospital are based on copper technology. The solution for this balancing act – including in terms of cost effectiveness – is euromicron’s Fiber-to-the-Office (FTTO) concept. The optical fibers are led as closely to the user as possible and the peripherals are connected by copper cable. The connecting elements between the two transmission media are the compact switches from MICROSENS, which are installed without tools simply by being snapped into cable ducts or floor boxes.

1,400 switches from MICROSENS are used in the hospital in Cannes. “To cater for all applications in this modern hospital, we even adapted and further developed our products for this project,” states Géraud Danzel d’Aumont, Head of the Southern Europe Region at MICROSENS. More than 500 access points with reduced radiation ensure comprehensive network coverage at the hospital.

The patients access a multimedia terminal – which offers services such as phone, Internet access, radio, games and many programs via IPTV – from their bed over the fiber-optic network. However, optical fibers and switches are also installed in the medical sphere in the holders of surgical and anesthetic systems.

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